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Wacom Bamboo

2008-06-16 20:14:43 by Evan-Execution

My Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet was sitting at my doorstep as I came home. I was so excited and thrilled that the wait was over. Looking at reviews and asking around made me aware that mastering this product would not come right out of the box. Yet, as I find, it is fairly easy to use, and by fairly I mean extremely easy (for me anyways). Before this moment I had been searching for some good knowledge on what I was paying for ($55 Amazon.com). So, if you are currently looking into getting a tablet and can't afford an expensive Cintiq or Intuo, then read on.

1. The box and packaging is something to admire. I've never before had a package come in with the presence, feel, and professionalism such as this one.
2. The Tablet itself and the Pen is of EXCELLENT quality. The sleek black material and neon blue buttons are very professional looking.
3. Installation takes 30 seconds or less depending on your computer. Awesome!
4. At startup a tutorial comes into view. Learning the Bamboo Tablet up and down takes approximately 10 minutes; excluding the time you take to do their interactive tutorial bits.
5. Programming your hot keys is as simply as opening the Pen Tablet Properties and selecting the functions you want them to do.
6. Programming the tablets sensitivity is also in the Pen Tablet Properties.
7. Using the tablet compared to a mouse is surprisingly faster and easier. It took only 5 minutes for me to get the movement and placements perfected.
8. The "active area" (5.8 x 3.7) is played as a smaller scale of your computer screen. Using the pen at the top left of the active area places your cursor at that exact area on the screen.
9. Sensitivity is far better than expected for both the pen tip and the eraser part of the pen. There is a possibility, when drawing, of a 1-2 second delay for it appearing on screen. This is only in the case of intense drawing (scribbling, lifting, scribbling, lifting, ect.). You can prevent this by drawing at a slightly slower pace if you sense it beginning to lag.
10. Overall. 10/10, no exaggerations.

My first tablet drawing ::

Wacom Bamboo


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2008-06-16 20:21:58

Wacom is the shit. :)

Evan-Execution responds:

Agreed. =]


2008-07-05 09:32:56

I have a Bamboo Fun, and I must agree, it pwns. Though you're right about the delay. Especially if I have like 5 programs open, I'll draw like 5 lines and have to wait several seconds for them to show up :/ That only happens occasionally though. That could just be photoshop though. The only thing I don't like about it is the buttons on the side, my thumb hits them accidentally and i end up right clicking. I find those buttons completely useless. I'd rather just hold down ctl on my keyboard and click the pen. And the eraser seems kind of rattly, but it works fine so i guess i can't complain. 50 bajjilllion times better than a mouse. I'll never go back to drawing with a mouse. I've even used it to play some flash games, it has more precision than a mouse in some aspects.


2009-10-12 01:54:13

I recently bought one of these, and couldn't agree more. I'm pretty impressed with this review.